Property Values Concerns and Evidence

There is evidence, both in peer reviewed scholarly studies and in detailed case studies performed by real estate appraisers, that the presence of wind turbines in proximity to your home will significantly negatively impact your ability to sell that home and the value that you can receive for it on the market. Measured impact varies significantly depending on the study but can be from 7.5% to 40%, and there is clear evidence that the closer the proximity to a single turbine the more significant the impact.
“Dimunition in Value – Wind Turbine Analysis” – Oct 2012, Ben Lansink AACI, P.App, MRCS – Lansink Appraisals
Melancthon Wind Facility, Melancthon Township, Ontario Canada
  • 133 GE 1.5MW turbines; 200MW windfarm
  • Median property value loss for 5 homes that had to be repurchased and then sold by the Power company – 37.3%
Testimony of Mike McCann to Adams County, IL Board – June 8, 2010, Mike McCann, McCann Appraisal LLC
  • Range of 25% – 40% value loss for homes within the footprint of wind projects, depending on proximity